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Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Music and more...

... means I'm not just writing about music. So today I want to talk a bit about

Right what did you think about? Well I started smoking hookah about one year ago. Since then I'm smoking it more or less on a regular basis. 
Yes I'm aware of the damage it does to your lungs, but it tastes so friggin good! And i really like it when you're hangin around on a weekend's evening with your friends and you're smoking some hookah, talking with them, having a pint of beer. What else could be as nice as this? I love it, and so do my friends. Even my parents enjoy the taste of a drag from a hookah now and then. I can just recommend - assumed your're not a complete anti-smoker- to try it. Its smoke is really light and soft, not like the one from a cigarette. It is even pretty cold, when you add some ice cubes to the water in the base.

When you want to smoke the hookah properly you'll need some hookah tobacco, called shisha. It's a special kind of tobacco, because it is very very moist. This is what also contributes to the smooth and soft feeling of the smoke, because its tobacco does't burn, it evaporates, due to the fact that the shisha doesn't touch the charcoal, which delivers the heat, that the tobacco needs to smoke.

To be continued...

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